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God is my strength & defense;my salvation.

I paint pictures with my words.
I document every moment of life in any way, shape or form.
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Rain boots were a great investment for Mexico. ☔️

We thrifted these for a total of $8 for both and the quality of them is great and very comfortable.  

It rains almost every other day here so we have learned to live in our boots during the evenings.  

There aren&#8217;t concrete roads every where so our boots come in handy when we have to walk through the muddy hills. Regular shoes could be worn but we are not trying to catch a cold &amp; thankfully neither one of us has. 

My Abuela collects rain water to flush toilets and to wash. &amp; although she has a washing machine I prefer to wash by hand so my boots are also helpful when carrying the buckets of water. 

Water is taken for granted in so many places by so many of us and being that it is limited here I have learned to use water more wisely than I already used to. 

It&#8217;s been raining and thundering a little more than usual today and that makes my abuelita happy because that means we will have extra water tomorrow! 

Being resourceful is beautiful thing. 
 (at Mexico)
Ladies, do not ask for or even think you’ll ever deserve someone who you do not reflect. 

In order to deserve HIM you must be the woman HE deserves. 

 Stop worrying about where HE is and focus on where YOU are. 
Meditate on Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬ KJV this morning. 💜🙌

Keep your faith alive Queens. 

I’ve been praying and carrying this quote in my heart for years but today I am reminding myself, “Don’t pray to God to put that SOMEONE in your life, Pray that YOU are ready when he does.”

CHARACTER; I truly strive hard and pray even harder to help her build a strong one. 

Her elegance is quirky. *deep sigh*

We practice sharing in our homę, so my blouses turn into dresses for her with the help of her handy dandy belts. 👌

 (at Our Home, Mexico.)
We chose to purchase red couches for our new living space to represent 
вℓσσ∂, ¢συяαgє, ραѕѕισи, ℓσνє, αи∂ ʝσу.  

We&#8217;ve never lived luxuriously but we have always had a harmonious home; For she&#8217;s my home and I&#8217;m hers.  

Living spaces have changed numerous times for us but regardless of where we go somehow we manage to make it a cozy and peaceful environment filled with love and discipline. 

From all the places we&#8217;ve ever lived before, our Mexico location is where I feel the most at peace; serenity feels every corner.  

I donated almost all of my belongings before relocating and came with mere essentials. 

We humans tend to have so many extras&#8212;shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. Now, I&#8217;m not saying any of these things are bad to have all I&#8217;m saying is that for me, it was a huge step letting go of the comfort my things brought to me. Cutting down to basics has brought so much more simplicity to my being along with a soothing breeze to my soul. 

We don&#8217;t have much clothes or things now, but one thing I&#8217;m sure of and have personally experienced is that someone with style and a radiating inner light doesn&#8217;t need much for their individuality and presence to be noticed.  

We have always been able to work with what we have. No glory belongs to us though, all the praises to The Most High.  

 (at Mexico)
Now, this is the story all about how Empress and I began #LeavingFootprints from one end to the next…

We are absolutely loving living in Mexico! 

Every day I learn a little more about and from my grandmother and my appreciation, respect, and admiration grows more intensely for her. 
I haven’t yet shared a picture of her because she doesn’t like taking pictures(so she says) but I have faith that the more our bond grows the more she’ll open up and allow me to capture the essence of her beauty through my lens.

For now, here’s Empress wearing the first item of clothing I ever bought for her way before she entered the world. I knew it would be a while until she could fit it but I couldn’t pass up the deal on this retro jacket for 50 cents at a yard sale in LA. 

I’ve been carrying this jacket with me since I was about 6 months pregnant and I will most likely keep it forever because of what it represents to me. 

This jacket represents humility and simplicity. From my experience in seeing others prepare for the arrival for their first born child I’ve seen mothers go out and purchase tons of new clothes as soon as they find out the gender of the baby. But see, being that I’ve been providing for myself since the age of 17 and being pregnant at 20 while holding 2 jobs and having my own apartment and car expenses, I did not have that luxury. 

Buying clothes for my unborn child was the least of my priorities. I had far more important things to save for &amp; use my money on. I actually never went out to buy clothes for her while I was pregnant. 

I saw this jacket at a yard sale &amp; fell in love with it instantly. The vivid colors and funky look would suit my child perfectly, I thought. My mind painted a mental picture of my precious girl wearing it &amp; the image was so vivid and clear I just had to buy it. It was so exciting to look forward to the day she would actually wear it! 

&amp; as weird or silly as it may sound this lil’ jacket brought so much joy to me through my pregnancy &amp; these past years. 

All the nights of cuddling and sleeping with this jacket as I pictured her in it…&amp; now here is the picture my mind created over 4 years ago. 

Suits her perfectly, indeed.  (at Mexico)
The joy and light in her eyes inspire, motivate, and give me strength.  
 (at Mexico)
Isolation is crucial at times of growth. Space is a necessity to get your own thoughts in order, in order to actually hear the guidance of The Most High. 

What makes one comfortable isn&#8217;t always a vice or a bad habit; comfort comes through many forms. 

Comfort is the state of physical ease and freedom, notice the word &#8216;physical.&#8217; 

Comfort deals mainly with external emotions and feelings causing our physical being to &#8220;feel&#8221; вєттєя, нαρρу, яєℓαχє∂, ¢αℓм, αи∂ ѕιмρℓу fσяgєт ιѕѕυєѕ αи∂ ρяσвℓємѕ but comfort does not deal with your spirit internally. 

Tag your friends to remind or let them know the enemy attacks when he is least expected. Don&#8217;t allow yourself or any of your loved ones to be such an easy target. 

Let&#8217;s not forget the enemy knows us very well as his job is to deviate us from getting to the Kingdom.  

Therefore, comfort will always be an inviting stage.

Any form of comfort should be watched closely and carefully. 

&amp; by any, I mean ANY! 

Reflect and check your character, actions, and heart before bed tonight if you haven&#8217;t done so already.  


 #ItsWAR #stickingTogether #LoveThyNeighbor
Last night and all day today it finally hit me. 

I moved. 

I’m actually living in Mexico.
What was placed in my heart a little over 26 weeks ago manifested all by truly trusting The Almighty God and allowing myself to be spirit led. 

You all don’t know how much praying and fasting took place in order to be here. I’m overflowing with gratitude. *deep sigh*

I’ve literally been lead where my trust is without borders and taken deeper than my feet would’ve ever wondered like one of my favorite songs “Oceans-Where my feet may fail.” 

My faith is surely becoming stronger. 

She&#8217;s only been in Mexico for 8 days and already her character has grown tremendously. We spend every hour of the day together and this is exactly what both of our spirits were in critical need of. Things are like they used to be back during our first year but even better now because her personality is much more developed.  She&#8217;s glowing more than ever! Glory to The Most High.

I feel beyond grateful.  

#LeavingFootprints #GodsMasterpiece 
  (at Mexico)


(of a person) exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind.

"she looks remarkably graceful and angelic"

synonyms:	innocent, pure, virtuous, good, saintly, wholesome, beautifully divine, heavenly, celestial, holy.

"Empress&#8217;s angelic appearance is soothing to my spirit" (at Mexico)
"I see my path, but I don&#8217;t know where it leads. Not knowing where I&#8217;m going is what inspires me to travel it.” Thrilled to explore the unknown. 
Our character and personalities guarantee joy and laughter. 
#blessed (at Mexico)

My life purpose is to find, create, give, receive, and ultimately become love alongside my precious daughter. 
 (at Mexico)
My emotions exactly👆👆👆. 

Joy burns out pain.  

Glory to The Most High. 

#blessed #thankful 
 (at Mexico)
Tomorrow it&#8217;ll make a week of being at my grandmother&#8217;s house; the house her and my grandfather built from the ground up by themselves.  

I&#8217;m so grateful to finally meet, bond, and be in the presence of such valuable woman with amazing qualities and strength.   (at Mexico)