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The Empress's Mother.
Artistic, wisdom & TRUTH seeking soul.
Masterpiece in the making.
God is my strength & defense;my salvation.

I paint pictures with my words.
I document every moment of life in any way, shape or form.
Read me, get to know me.
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Spiritual wisdom, understanding, and being filled with the knowledge of God&#8217;s will are priorities I pray for daily.

Life is indeed a learning field and a journey of growth, mistakes are inevitable; but, that does not mean we should be ok with the repetition of past mistakes causing us to remain stagnant in situations. 

It&#8217;s so easy to live a worldly life with no fundamental meaning but how about challenging ourselves to seek our purpose and actually pursue what will eternally fulfill us. Take a look around you, at your peers, coworkers, bosses, &amp; relatives&#8230;do 
they seem fulfilled? Are they truly living in joy? Are they or did they follow their purpose? 

Now, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself those same questions.

It&#8217;s important to confront our present self in order to change and have the courage to take risks and not fear failure. 

Allow yourself to be spirit led. ❤️
Sticking together to be who we were called on to be by The Most High.                                          

United Team.                 

Daily reminder of God&#8217;s grace&#8230;there&#8217;s no way any of my actions would ever amount to deserving such creation for a daughter. What an Empress. #royalty #Blessed #grateful
Sex, an act that we all far too many times justify. Having a &#8220;deep connection&#8221; with someone does not make it ok to do it. &amp; the fact that it feels good and makes someone feel more &#8216;comfortable&#8217; should be a big red flag why we shouldn&#8217;t do it with just anyone, there&#8217;s danger when dealing with comfortability with the wrong things. 

I, too, have been there and done it for my own pleasure as I&#8217;m sure you have or probably are but let&#8217;s take a look at what we have really accomplished through those actions&#8230;absolutely nothing. 

We feel as though having sex with an individual will give us clarity on where our feelings stand with that person so we decide to unite our bodies in the hopes of either feeling less or feeling more for him/her. 

Half the times that people sleep with others they usually haven&#8217;t even allowed the other person into their most vulnerable state of mind, shared their darkest past, or into their most intimate thoughts yet they allow someone to come into their naked bodies so easily&#8230;All for comfort and pleasure; such a great way to invite all kinds of spirits. 

Before getting undressed literally we must be courageous enough to strip all the layers figuratively one by one until we stand bare before that someone we unite with without fleshly desires/satisfaction serving as a variable. 

There&#8217;s a level of intimacy that can only be reached when everything is spirit led and we won&#8217;t ever experience or even deserve to experience that if we continue allowing such behavior. 

Now, I understand that many don&#8217;t ever care to experience that so they&#8217;ll continue doing as they may. As for me I know I wasn&#8217;t created to live an unfulfilling and confused life so I will wait for him, the one for me. ❤️

a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
Here&#8217;s a thing about us. 
We often switch roles&#8230;I&#8217;ve been doing this since the beginning of our journey together to help her learn through actions and practice. Lately, she has been the one to ask to be Mimi (Mom) and asks me to be Empress (daughter). Sometimes she takes our role playing a bit more serious, hence the glasses. ☺️

On those days or moments she is responsible for taking care of our train card and tapping it when we ride the train/bus, she pushes the grocery basket &amp; she pays for them, she leads in prayer, she sets the table, she tells me when it&#8217;s OK to cross the street, she provides her shoulder to rest my head while we ride home, she picks our worship music, she asks what do I want for dinner, she serves me water, she washes my (little bit of) hair, &amp; she reads/sing to me before bed. She pretty much guides me and I follow.  

Society has made it to where following is looked down upon because of the amount of foolishness that the world follows today. But when the one guiding you has your best interest at heart and is leading you correctly you will want to follow. I have been submitted to God and am proud to be a follower of Christ. I am aware that as parents and children of The Most High we ought to follow in order to guide &amp; lead. Practicing things with our children is the best way to teach them; and a great way to know if what we have been teaching is been learned is to encourage and witness them put it to practice.  

I love that we have been doing this because I see what a difference it has made in her. Not only does she correct herself and holds herself accountable for her own actions and behavior but she corrects me as well. She reinforces our rules and consequences. I love it. 
She doesn&#8217;t like me every minute of the day and that&#8217;s ok with me because I don&#8217;t like her behavior all the time either; but, regardless of every situation she communicates her feelings with me at the end of each day. 💖

We can tell and direct our children to do certain things but if we don&#8217;t practice those things on a consistent basis it will never become second nature to them. In which case, we should not get upset at them but rather at ourselves.
Gentle spirit. 🙏
An artists favorite sight is always it&#8217;s subject. 🙌😍😘
Tamed curls are back.
Favorite sight. Sigh. I love listening to her speak and telling me stories as she expresses herself. Sometimes she talks non stop and though I sometimes get lost in her eyes as I stare,  I try not to because I don&#8217;t want to make her feel as if I was not paying attention.  

Capturing candid moments of her is my pastime. Catching her during her most natural state that not many have ever gotten to see in person makes me feel privileged. 

I love that she&#8217;s as random and loving as I am and randomly stops me to hug on me during our walks.  So appreciated, cared for, and loved she makes me feel. I&#8217;ve always felt the kind of love I naturally give is a bit overbearing for most, but not for HER. Whew.  I never feel as though she&#8217;ll feel smothered by me because she smothers me ALL the time. I absolutely love it.  There&#8217;s no doubt we are hand crafted specifically for each other.  

When she was a new born baby I used to wonder about our future and wondered if she would randomly tell me how much she loved me or missed me as she ran  to kiss and hug me after I picked her up from school&#8230;  now, I no longer have to wonder for that&#8217;s exactly what she does! When she looks me in the eyes and smiles as she embraces me I kid you all not I want to cry every single time. 

Her eyes are the focus to my vision and purpose because every time I look into them my mind does not stop racing. Oh does she drive me! You&#8217;d think she was NASCAR driver.  

She&#8217;s gotten used to the look in my eyes by now and already knows when she&#8217;s melting me.  She asks, &#8220;You missed me or something?&#8221; as she giggles. I giggle back and tell her how much God loves her and how much I love &amp; appreciate her.  This happens every single day &amp; well I&#8217;m well aware I&#8217;ll never be able to thank God enough for granting me the opportunity to be a mother to his precious child; but I will continue trying to express my gratitude until my very last breath here on Earth and continue on forevermore.
The way the sun kissed on me while I lied at the park trying to relax my mind from all the emotions arising was simply lovely and served as an awesome filter even while highlighting my blemishes.

Life is about to change completely, once again. Just like it did back in 2011 when I packed up two suitcases with a four month old baby on my hip and moved across the country not knowing anyone out in the East Coast.  

I&#8217;m ready.  I do not lean on my understanding and am a child of The Most High so I fear not.  

23 more days&#8230;God willing. 

22 nights from tonight I will be staying up all night as I prepare &amp; wait up for 6 a.m. to head to the airport. A new journey awaits and I feel honored to have God&#8217;s trust to fulfill this journey.  

Prayers are appreciated and always welcomed.   Restoration awaits.  

Found this top while thrifting a few days ago for $1.  I&#8217;m so in love how versatile she is. We&#8217;ve never been the kind to spend tons on our wardrobe.  Clothes don&#8217;t mean much to us because someone with style can even make a trash bag look fly. &#8220;Her worth is not determined by the price of her clothes.
She once weighed 6 lbs&#8230; I only blinked a few times and look at her now.  #GodsMasterpiece
Empress Amahra Moonlight&#8230;such a blessing from above you are. Sigh.