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Surfing through my old blog posts&#8230;Reading over the past three years of my life and seeing all the challenges &amp; changes I&#8217;ve grown through has humbled my spirit more. 

I give all esteem to The Creator for the wisdom he has given me &amp; the strength he hasn&#8217;t taken away from me. It truly is only thanks to HIM that I&#8217;ve managed to raise my daughter completely on my own because I don&#8217;t even know, let alone understand, how from 20-23 yrs old I&#8217;ve been able figure out &amp; handle absolutely everything sent my way.

I haven&#8217;t had any type of help from anyone, neither from my relatives or chromosome donor. Since I gave birth to Empress NO ONE has ever cared to see if her &amp; I needed anything, though that used to hurt at first, with time it became another form of strength.

I wrote this letter to her biological father over two years ago yet every time I read it I can still feel every word. Though he has never been in my daughter&#8217;s life Empress has not lacked a Father figure; I&#8217;ve raised her to look to The Creator, the BEST Father she could ever have. I&#8217;ll always continue teaching her to put Yah(God) above all even if one day the chromosome donor wants to get to know her. I don&#8217;t care if he never meets her but I&#8217;ll never step in the way of a potential bond between them.

πŸ“She could’ve been yours…

This is a letter to you, the one who gave her 23 chromosomes. 
Though I know you may never read this, I am writing this to you because yesterday, for the very first time since my daughter has been with me ( 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks, 3 days to be precise) you crossed my mind. No, it wasn’t by personal choice, so don’t jump for joy. Yesterday, after a long fulfilling day full of admiration and love, a man on the train did &amp; said some things that made me think of you. Allow me to rephrase that, it made me think of who you are NOT.

You are not her Dad. 
You are not her guide. 
You are not someone she looks up to. 
You are not the man she plays peek-a-boo with. 
You are not the man she smiles at. You are not the man she runs up to hug &amp; kiss. 
You are not the man she tickles &amp; pretends to bite. 
You are not the man that she follows around &amp; wants to be like. (

You are not the man she bites a piece of bread for and takes it out of her mouth to share with. You are not the man that encouraged her to crawl, or the man who took her by the hand to help her walk. You are not the man that held her when she had her first fall. You are not the man that makes her laugh. You are not the man that she will one day be proud of. You are not the man who taught her how to pray.
You will never be the one to show her how to speak up and listen. You will never be the man that encourages and supports her dreams. You will never be the one that teaches her how to read. You will never be the man that she’ll draw a picture of in her first grade class. You will never be the man that holds banners at her dance recitals, karate matches, math-a-thons, or spelling bees. You will never be the man she writes a sweet note for. You will never be the man that shows her how to be responsible or honor a commitment.You will never be worthy ofmy daughter’s love, respect, admiration, or soul. She is beyond it all and if ever you came remotely close to knowing at least 1% of her you  better consider yourself blessed. In the future, she may be courteous to you, she’ll be polite, considerate, and may even smile at you and I hope you treasure that because that already is too much. Basically, she will treat you no different than a stranger on the street because I will raise her to not mistreat anyone. (yes you do fall into the “anyone” category. Oh, I’m sorry if that comes as a surprise to you.) You will never know what it feels like to have a child that every one loves. The attention she receives daily is something that your mind can probably not even grasp. Need I remind you my daughter is only 1? Yet you’ve missed so much. All I can sit here and think of is all the memories that we have and you being a part of none. 

It’s funny to me in a way because you have been non existent to us since day one. From the first night at the hospital, to her first bath, her first cold, her first smile, her first giggle, her first laugh. There is nothing to worry about though, I will hold it down for her as I have. She learned how to sit up, crawl, sleep through the night, pray, walk, hug, kiss, wave, clap, eat, dance, play, walk, run, share, listen, and love just fine with out you. We are extremely happy in case you were wondering and she is perfect in every way, literally. Sweet beyond words and the only one thing I have to say to you is thank you for your 23 chromosomes. I am so thankful she’s all mine. (:
- mother of who could’ve been yours.
Together our strength is mightier.

Dear Empress,

It is not thanks to your luscious curls or big beautiful eyes, or even your amazingly long lashes or fine lips, or rare bushy eyebrows or soft olive skin, none of that even begins to describe or hold meaning to why I&#8217;m in deep-sea love with you.

It is your cheerful and pure laughter, gentle yet bold way of being, humble and simplistic spirit, understanding and intuitive character that captivates me. It&#8217;s your ability to never fail to wow me with your level of maturity, insight, and spirituality.

A few months ago, when we experienced a challenging financial season your positivity and understanding made that time less difficult and painful.

There was a day when I really couldn&#8217;t afford to buy the yogurt you asked for while grocery shopping but before I could respond and say I wasn&#8217;t going to be able to purchase it that day you looked at me and with such a comforting voice you immediately said, &#8220;it&#8217;s ok Mimi we can buy it another day, not today, maybe tomorrow, I&#8217;ll be ok,&#8221; as you warmly held my hand and continued walking.

Though I hadn&#8217;t yet explained, YOU, understood. Sigh.

The open communication I practice with you led me to explain the challenges I was experiencing when we left the grocery store and again your words were healing to me, &#8220;Ahhhh it&#8217;s ok Mimi we are going to be ok.&#8221; &#8220;Yes, my precious, you&#8217;re absolutely correct,&#8221; I replied as we headed home.

You have no idea how grateful I am to have YOU as my daughter. Thank you wise Empress.Thank you for being all that you are.

In HIS love,

Becoming a parent is a far greater responsibility than teaching our children their abc&#8217;s &amp; numbers, how to walk, talk, read, &amp; write, how to ride a bike &amp; tie their shoes, how to think for themselves &amp; share with others, how to pursue their passions &amp; focus on their talents, etc.

I agree that all those things, from a human emotion point of view, are important &amp; we should, indeed, fulfill those duties; however, more has to be done before we prioritize our focus on what society deems as &#8220;good parenting&#8221; over obeying the Torah of Alahym.

As parents, we have a greater reason &amp; responsibility to build a relationship with The Creator in order raise our children in the path of uprightness.

Teaching our children to focus on their relationship with Yah(God) before all else through our own actions is the best influence we can give. Once achieving the level of spiritual security/truth all other things will come easily for them.

Another significant responsibility of ours is to completely break away from everything that is not of The Creator &amp; stop being sheep-like. 
We must give up following worldly/man-made traditions 
for if we, parents, continue living in these worldly lies by living blindly, how then can we guide our children to light &amp; TRUTH?

Some find it cute &amp; harmless when their child dances to secular music or imitate the secular artists failing to realize they&#8217;re encouraging their children to be like people who clearly don&#8217;t walk in uprightness.

The fact that many children can recite and sing along to worldly music but have not a clue how to worship and praise Yahuah(God) is dangerous. These acts taken so lightly instead of alarming us are causing more children to be handed to the enemy consciously or unconsciously by parents themselves; that&#8217;s a shame. 

Our children are surrounded by more than enough wickedness as is; let&#8217;s not be be the one who leads our children astray.

Growing in faith, wisdom, &amp; TRUTH of course takes time, but our effort to learn &amp; walk in uprightness must increase daily.

Parents, we should work diligently in seeking TRUTH, if not for ourselves at least for the children we brought into this world.

Every once in a while I like to reflect and look back at our growth&#8230; 

It brings joyful tears to my eyes to witness who we both have become not simply through time but rather through effort. Who we are today didn&#8217;t just magically happen and nothing was handed to us&#8230;

We have fought for every piece.

There isn&#8217;t anything more beautiful to me other than seeing and listening to her worship &amp; praying to Yahuah in the mighty name of Yahusha.

As children grow in faith and mature spiritually they can be taught scripture on how to pray to establish a closer relationship with The Creator but all it takes to start them off is a humble and thankful spirit.

Please be mindful that living in this world means we are going to be influenced and influence others in one way or another and it&#8217;s completely up to us to choose HOW.

Shalom beloveds.

Today marks two months since WE left the country &amp; moved to Mexico.

I used to like not having bonds with any family members until The Creator revealed that more action toward building bonds with my relatives had to come from ME.

I’m from Los Angeles &amp; gave birth to my daughter there. Four months later we moved to Boston, a place where we were familiar with absolutely no one. I raised her there for 3 yrs &amp; regardless of us being alone in an unknown place, my FAITH in The Most High always made me feel secure &amp; protected.

This past February, it was placed in my spirit that our time in Boston was up. I don’t question The Most High, so as a faithful &amp; obedient servant I spent time in his sweet presence in order to listen to his voice of guidance.

After about 2 months of prayer &amp; some fasting, more was revealed to me &amp; I was certain of our next destination. I didn’t know how all would unfold but here’s exactly where Faith &amp; Trust in Yahuah came in. I simply made the decision to move, claimed August 12th as the date of flight, &amp; purchased our tickets. 
Everything that needed to be worked out had to occur within the time left in the states, &amp; it did.

I did not have a clue of what awaited us here in Mexico…

All I knew was WE were led here &amp; fact that everything was beyond my human understanding &amp; reasoning it reassured me that this journey was led &amp; part of the Devine plan of HE who is GREATER.

Perhaps YAH(God) needed me away from the last bit of comfort &amp; distractions I still had in Boston in order to continue his work in me.

Elevation requires separation.

I feel humbled &amp; grateful to be here.

I’ve learned so much by simply observing, reflecting more in depth in Yahuah’s TRUTH, introducing and putting to practice a more modest way of living and being, &amp; learning how to be silent so that Yahuah can continue to teach me.

Empress &amp; I have been able to build a wonderful &amp; meaningful bond with my lovely grandmother, someone I had always dreamed &amp; prayed to meet &amp; spend time with. 

Given that we are on Yahuah’s time, I don’t know until when we will stay &amp; my only concern is to be spongelike to all The Almighty reveals.


This is one of our yearly projects that brings me much joy. I reenact moments to visually see her growth&#8230; 

I&#8217;ve always been a solitary person. My thought process is that the further away I stay from the crowd the less I will be robbed of my individuality &amp; contaminated by the world. There is absolutely NOTHING of worth or refreshing about the ordinary &amp; worldly things, lives, people, love, relationships, friends, etc.

I am determined to never allow the relationship with my daughter to become normal/common/typical &amp; put effort into making sure my love for her is expressed through all actions.

When my daughter came into my life, though I didn&#8217;t know exactly what to do &amp; how to raise her, I knew my responsibility was to create a SET-APART relationship; something OURS.

I was aware I needed help but if I wanted to raise my daughter differently from the way I was raised I had to do things differently; so allowing anyone&#8217;s &#8220;help&#8221; could not &amp; would not happen.

It&#8217;s as if everyone has &#8220;advice&#8221; or something to say to a young first time mother that it can become draining if one doesn&#8217;t put a stop to it.

I had to come to terms with the fact that NO ONE I was familiar with was equipped to guide or help me, which included my mother, siblings, friends at the time, other mothers, etc. What I needed was beyond them; solitude was necessary as disconnecting with everyone was also.

One night while praying, it dawned on me that THEE ONLY one who could help me raise MY daughter was HE who created both HER and I. After all, HE created HER specifically for ME so HE obviously knows the way SHE needs to be raised.

I figured if I sought HIM &amp; became one with HIM then I would also become one with my daughter. 
Since then, I spiritually clung on to The Creator and decided to never let go, for only HE has taught me how to love, guide, correct, help, discipline, nurture, appreciate, encourage, uplift, respect, &amp; believe in Empress.

I&#8217;ve allowed myself to be disciplined &amp; to be lead by Yahuah(God), especially in my parenting. Although there will always be room for growth, I am pleased &amp; joyful with the bond my Empress and I share today.

Our JOY is not dependent on our circumstances.
I believe in LOVE.

Love that corrects.

I believe in nurturing.

I believe in discipline.

I believe in bonding time.

I believe in having moments of solitude.

I believe in mothers.

I believe in fathers.

I believe in children.

I believe in learning.

I believe in teaching.

I believe in individuality.

I believe in a team.

I believe in Empress.

I believe in myself.

I believe in US&#8230;

Only because I believe in The Creator, 
Trust in HIM is our strength.
Dear Empress,

Surely you are magical… 
We’ve been together for three &amp; a half years now, more like four years &amp; a few months if we include pregnancy, &amp; well, each day that I realize and grow more meaning to my life my level of gratefulness increases for being given the privilege to continue living by your side.

There’s many women who take for granted the honor and privilege of being a mother by never raising their children with love &amp; the way they should go, many other women who would give everything to give birth to a child but are barren, and even many women who dreamed their whole lives of becoming a mother and absolutely love their offspring and it shows by their hard work to inculcate qualities, morals, and virtues in them yet their children leave this world much younger than expected leaving wholes in the mothers, leaving emptiness that absolutely nothing or no one will be able to fill…

&amp; then there was me-a young girl who has very selfish at the time (19 yrs), who never even thought about being a mother nor did she want to become one. She never pictured a baby in her life for at least another 7 years if at that, yet giving birth to YOU &amp; through the years of having the duty and honor to raise YOU, transformed me. YOU grew this passion in me of loving and guiding YOU. Such a graceful, mature, virtuous, comical, kind, helpful, selfless, humble, considerate, affectionate, loving, lively, and exceptional young lady you are.

I think back to our whole life together it &amp; frightens me (in a good/magical way) to see you before my eyes today &amp; realize you are a product of my investment in you. You are a product of the love you woke up in me, the kind of love I wasn’t aware existed. You are a product of The Most High’s Devine plan. I refuse to ever take such privilege of carrying a child, YOU, in my womb so lightly that I made it my duty to never stop thanking Yahuah for sending you to me.

Surely you are magical in every sense. You have been transforming my life way before you and I officially met. I take trips &amp; walk down memory lane only to keep fresh in mind all the joy, love, strength, and peace that you bring.

In HIS love,

Shalom beloveds,

Here&#8217;s an updated introduction of who we have become through the transformation and restoration stages we&#8217;ve undergone these past 32 weeks of wholeheartedly seeking and learning TRUTH.

WE are a UNITY.
WE are Hebrew Israelites
&#8212;OUR purpose is to spread 
TRUTH and LOVE by guarding THE MOST HIGH&#8217;S commandments to the best of our ability.

WE are daughters of Yahuah(God) &amp; these will be testimonial pictures/messages as we leave footprints through our journey of becoming ONE with the Father by following the example of HIS son, Yahusha(Jesus); our daily challenge/goal and purpose for living.

From pregnancy to now, it&#8217;s ONLY been us two united through our unconditional and passionate love toward one another, a mother-daughter army.

One&#8217;s truth and pain can heal another; therefore, I believe it can be helpful to share parts of the joy, pain, sorrow, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, victories, and hardships experienced in both womanhood and motherhood through the adversity of being an only parent/family/provider/care giver. I&#8217;ve been able to overcome many of what seemed hopeless circumstances/situations while managing to create a 
SET-APART, TRUTH-seeking, harmonious, loving, respectful, and joyous relationship with my daughter. None of it would&#8217;ve ever been possible without FAITH and TRUST in YAHUAH(God). NO ONE else has stood by our side, the ONLY constant in our lives has been My Savior, King of all Kings which is why I give all praise, glory, and credit to HIM. YAHUAH&#8217;S constant love, support, forgiveness, strength, guidance, protection, discipline, righteousness, mercy, and grace are what keep me moving forward.

I am Alma, her mother.
She is Empress, my daughter. 
I am able to paint pictures with words and she is able to speak volumes with pictures. 
My priorities are for my daughter and I to continuously increase our worth to be far above rubies by being women of virtue who seek Yahuah&#8217;s righteousness, obey his commands, and lead others to HIM by simply becoming a reflection of the bible most are unwilling to read. By our fruits we are known, so all WE care to be are trees who bear good fruit.

Her charismatic, graceful, kind hearted, loving, &amp; animated spirit shines every where we go.  I thank God for putting under my care such rare of a being.  This little positivity magnet is my favorite sight. I see God&#8217;s work every time I lay eyes on her. 
We were eating potato wedges at the park during our daily evening bonding time  and before we finished them she ran off to play. I saved the last one for her and after a few minutes of playing she asked if there were any left. I told her there was one more for her and she walked over to the bag and looked inside and said &#8220;ooohhh&#8230;(as she grabbed the potato wedge and cut it in half) it&#8217;s ok Mimi, there&#8217;s more for you and me!&#8221; Now, this is NOT the first time she does this. In fact, she does this almost always &amp; every single time it means more to me than last. 
#blessing #Godsmasterpiece
Here&#8217;s a thing about us. 
We often switch roles&#8230;I&#8217;ve been doing this since the beginning of our journey together to help her learn through actions and practice. Lately, she has been the one to ask to be Mimi (Mom) and asks me to be Empress (daughter). Sometimes she takes our role playing a bit more serious, hence the glasses. ☺️ On those days or moments she is responsible for taking care of our train card and tapping it when we ride the train/bus, she pushes the grocery basket &amp; she pays for them, she leads in prayer, she sets the table, she tells me when it&#8217;s OK to cross the street, she provides her shoulder to rest my head while we ride home, she picks our worship music, she asks what do I want for dinner, she serves me water, she washes my (little bit of) hair, &amp; she reads/sing to me before bed. She pretty much guides me and I follow. 
Society has made it to where following is looked down upon because of the amount of foolishness that the world follows today. But when the one guiding you has your best interest at heart and is leading you correctly you will want to follow. I have been submitted to God and am proud to be a follower of Christ. I am aware that as parents and children of The Most High we ought to follow in order to guide &amp; lead. Practicing things with our children is the best way to teach them; and a great way to know if what we have been teaching is been learned is to encourage and witness them put it to practice. 
I love that we have been doing this because I see what a difference it has made in her. Not only does she correct herself and holds herself accountable for her own actions and behavior but she corrects me as well. She reinforces our rules and consequences. I love it. 
She doesn&#8217;t like me every minute of the day and that&#8217;s ok with me because I don&#8217;t like her behavior all the time either; but, regardless of every situation she communicates her feelings with me at the end of each day. πŸ’–

We can tell and direct our children to do certain things but if we don&#8217;t practice those things on a consistent basis it will never become second nature to them. In which case, we should not get upset at them but rather at ourselves.
See, she&#8217;s my second chance at life. 
Perhaps this is what God intends when giving a child to a woman, the act of birth serves for both. 
You see, she teaches me. 
She corrects me. 
She holds me accountable. 
She has helped mold me. 
She constantly expresses to me how much she loves me&#8230; Something &#8212;-as a child I knew nothing of.  I come from a broken home with domestic violence, emotional and sexual abuse, lack of communication, lack of being loved, and lack of support. How is it that my 3 year old is able to give me all that I lacked?! Like wow! There are times when my past haunts me and I catch myself getting upset and then after I feel those negative emotions I feel horrible with myself&#8230;then she&#8217;s there and I see how pure and uncontaminated of society she is so I pray hard to be delivered from any and everything I learned from lost souls. Restoration must continue taking place in all of us every day because there&#8217;s far too much that we learned somewhere that is not of God. &#8230; I feel undeserving of her at times because I know she is not of this world; she&#8217;s already walking in her purpose and I see it every day. I would hate myself if ever I drove her a different direction with the worldly thoughts and actions in me still. However,  I am a child of God and know that I am deserving of all gives so I shake myself and get poisonous thoughts out and step it up, for her. 
It&#8217;s very naive to overlook wickedness. It exist, it&#8217;s everywhere! We all must realize this is war and we must be aware and walking in truth through our every step!